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200 Hour Teacher Training (RYS)

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Yoga Immersion Information

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200 hr. Hybrid
Teacher Training


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EY Asana 1 Immersion (3).jpeg
EY Body Temple Immersion (3).jpeg
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Techniques, Training, Practice
Asana, Pranayama, Meditation 
105 Hours (Required 75)


55 Hours

Pranayama &
    Subtle Body 50 Hours


Morning Asana Practice 1
Morning Asana Practice 2
Morning Asana Practice 3
Morning Asana Practice 4
Morning Asana Practice 5
Morning Asana Practice 6
Morning Asana Practice 7
Morning Asana Practice 8
Morning Asana Practice 9
Morning Asana Practice 10
Morning Asana Practice 11
Morning Asana Practice 12
Morning Asana Practice 13
Morning Asana Practice 14
Morning Asana Practice 15
Morning Asana Practice 16
Morning Asana Practice 17
Morning Asana Practice 18
Morning Asana Practice 19
Morning Asana Practice 20
Morning Asana Practice 21
Morning Asana Practice 22
Analytics 1 Surya Namaskara
Analytics 2 Floor Postures
Analytics 3 Hip Opener's
Analytics 4
Analytics 5
Analytics 6
Analytics 7
Analytics 8
Analytics 9

Analytics 10
Analytics 11
Analytics 12
Analytics 13
Analytics 14
Analytics 15
Analytics 16
1 Afternoon Asana Practice 2Afternoon Asana Practice 3Afternoon Asana Practice 4Afternoon Asana Practice 5Afternoon Asana Practice 6Afternoon Asana Practice 7Afternoon Asana Practice 8Afternoon Asana Practice 9Afternoon Asana Practice 10Afternoon Asana Practice 11Afternoon Asana Practice 12Afternoon Asana Practice 13Afternoon Asana Practice 14Afternoon Asana Practice 15Afternoon Asana Practice 16Afternoon Asana Practice 17Afternoon Asana Practice 18Afternoon Asana Practice 19Afternoon Asana Practice 20Afternoon Asana Practice
 Asana Practice

Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 1
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 2
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 3
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 4
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 5
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 6
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 7
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 8
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 9
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 10
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 11
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 12
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 13
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 14
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 15
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 16
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 17
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 18
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 19
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 20
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 21
Morning Pranayama & Meditation Practice 22
Walking Meditation
Samadhi Description

Samadhi 1 Embodiment
Samadhi 2 Life Force
Samadhi 3 Presence
Samadhi 4 Stillness
Samadhi 5 Awareness
Samadhi 6 Bliss

Nadis, Chakras, Prana Vayus 
Rapture Description
Rapture Meditation 1
Rapture Meditation 2
Rapture Meditation 3
Rapture Meditation 4
Rapture Meditation 5
Rapture Meditation 6
Rapture Meditation 7
Rapture Meditation 8
Rapture Meditation 9
Rapture Meditation 10
Rapture Meditation 11

Rapture Meditation 12
Rapture Meditation 13
Rapture Meditation 14
Rapture Meditation 15
Rapture Meditation 16
Rapture Meditation 17
Rapture Meditation 18
Rapture Meditation 19
Rapture Meditation 20

Anatomy, Physiology
& Biomechanics 30 Hours


Major Bones
Types of Joints
Major Muscles Involved in Asana
Types of Muscles Contractions



Nervous System
Cardiovascular System
Respiratory System


Joint Movements
Joint Stabalization
Safe Movements


Yoga Humanities
History, Philosophy, Ethics 30 Hours


Definitions of Yoga
Ecstatic Yoga Lineage


Yoga Sutras Ethics
Code of Conduct
Equity Commitment in Yoga
Accountability Measures
Self Reflection
Raja Yoga 8 Fold Path Ethics



Key Yogic Terms
Asana/Prana/Meditation Connection
Yoga Sutras Philosophy
Bhagavad Gita
Eye Gazing
Eight Fold Path
Journal Writing
Kriya Yoga 1
Kriya Yoga 2
Kriya Yoga 3
Kriya Yoga 4
Kriya Yoga 5
Kriya Yoga 6
Ecstatic Chant
Ecstatic Chant
Ecstatic Chant
Ecstatic Chant
Ecstatic Chant
Ecstatic Movement
Ecstatic Movement
Ecstatic Movement
Ecstatic Movement
Ecstatic Movement


Professional Essentials
Methodology, Professional Development, Practicum 50 Hours

Teaching Methodology

Leading A Yoga Class


12 Key Competencies
Mentorship Component
Analytics Practicum
Analytics Practicum
Philosophy Practicum
Asana Practice Practicum
Asana Practice Practicum

Professional Development

Professional Yoga Organizations
Yoga Alliance Credentialing
Ethics Commitment
Marketing & Promotion
Liability, Insurance, Waivers
Business Licensing
Lifetime Learning


Online Immersions

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