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Ecstatic Yoga Workbook

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30 Day Mindfulness Challenge 
Basking in the Nectar


EY30 Day Mindfulness Challenge, Basking in the Nectar

Each year we are blessed by winter, the season of the north.

Introspection, resting in the womb of the Universe, surrendring into the crysalis of the unknown, sinking our roots into the Earth. Challenge yourself to release challenge, striving, producing and open up to the natural flow of the season... necessary time for restore, basking in and receiving the fruits of your labor. The 30 day meditations below invite a receptive and feminine more yin energy practice. You can practice for 10 minutes a day to support aligning with your tue  nature and basking in the ecstasy of your Infinite Soul Power. Each 10 min. meditation has a anchor or focus for your attention that allows the mind to become more still and present. You will also discover your preference for the  anchors for 

The catepillar cannot reorganize and evolve into the butterfly without its time in the crysalis. The tree cannot expand it's branch's and thicken it's trunk without it's time of unproductivity during winter when its roots deepen further into Earth. Let us deepen our awareness passionately into our Soul Presence, The Eternal Self so it can awaken into a more evolved and ecstatic form of expression in this life.

Mindful Meditations

Day 1                    Focus on Sound        

Day 2                    Focus on Breath          

Day 3                    Focus on the heart         

Day 4                    Focus on Mantra Om         

Day 5                    Focus on a object           

Day 6                    Focus on 3rd Eye          

Day 7                    Focus on the heart beat

Day 8                    Focus on gratitude         

Day 9                    Focus on the hands

Day 10                  Focus on a shape       

Day 11                   10 minute           

Day 12                   10 minute           

Day 13                   10 minute           

Day 14                   10 minute           

Day 15                   10 minute           

Day 16                   10 minute           

Day 17                   10 minute           

Day 18                   10 minute         

Day 19                   10 minute        

Day 20                  10 minute           

Day 21                   10 minute           

Day 22                  10 minute           

Day 23                  10 minute           

Day 24                  10 minute           

Day 25                  10 minute           

Day 26                  10 minute         

Day 27                  10 minute           

Day 28                  10 minute           

Day 29                  10 minute           

Day 30                  10 minute           

Bonus                   10 minute           

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Pranayama analytic


EY Analytics Sun Salutation.jpeg


EY Analytics Sun Salutation.jpeg

Pranayama Practice

EY Analytics Sun Salutation.jpeg


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