Yoga & Mindfulness 

Basking in the Nectar

3 Day Immersion

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3 Mindfulness Practices
3 Ecstatic Asana Practices

3 Ecstatic Pranayama & Meditation Practices
3 Mindfulness Lessons & Meditations 
3 Restore Yin Yoga Practices
3 Mindfulness Practices
1 Samadhi Journey

3 Rapture Meditations
Online Course: $179 Special $47 
Live Retreat: $395

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Each day of the mindfulness retreat we will enjoy mindfulness practices including Presence, Witnessing and Stillness meditation. Ultimately the practice of mindfulness takes us to the indescribable experience of basking in our unconditioned awareness, the divine grace within our eternal being. All mindful practices are designed to bring you to the inward journey, directing the focus inward to the silent, stillness within. We will bask together in the inner ecstatic divine nectar of our being.

Yoga Asana Practice

Each day will include a simple yoga practice with morning sunrise yoga and afternoon restorative and yin yoga. This will allow you to connect to your body, mind and spirit as one, allowing a deeper integration of the meditation, rapture and samadhi practices. Yoga practice is geared towards all levels of yogi's, even if you have never done yoga before you will find our morning and restorative yoga practices will deepen your connection to your whole self and ever present Divine Source. 

Pranayama & Meditation



The intention of Yoga is "To Yoke" or become one with Human Self and Divine Self, or the God of your understanding. It is said by many ancient yogic traditions that the Yoga Nidra or Samadhi state is the ultimate goal of all yoga. We will practice Yoga Nidra each day of the retreat.
Samadhi is a state of intense concentration achieved through meditation, concentration and bringing a focused awareness and connection to the inner being. In Hindu yoga this is regarded as the final stage, at which union with the divine is reached (before or at death). During Samadhi the outward flowing of the mind called vyutthana, (Desires, thoughts, attachments and memories about the outer world) is temporarily suppressed to allow a silent inner stillness and union with the inner being and "All that is" to naturally occur. Samadhi is the highest state of meditation, at which complete unity, the state of pure conscious awareness is reached.  Samadhi is the highest state of mental concentration that a person can achieve while still bound to the body and which unites him with the highest reality. Samadhi is an equal state of consciousness where all aspects of our being are joined: physical, spiritual, mental and emotional. Samadhi is experienced differently with different people, some simply feel relaxed, peaceful complete bliss, total consciousness, and super enlightenment... a feeling of oneness and connection with all of creation. However, it is far from an end, it is just the beginning of the yogic journey and to be used as a tool to receive deeper knowledge. Samadhi experiences can last from several minutes to several hours. It is a path to inner peace where the mind becomes deeply rooted in the present moment, entering into timelessness. When Samadhi is practiced regularly powerful transformation and deep states of awakening take over the students life naturally and with ease.

Yoga Nidra is translated as Yogic Sleep and is a state of deep relaxation of body, mind and spirit that allows for deep healing and rejuvenation. The Nidra  state is a step before Samadhi and often can lead naturally to a state of Samadhi.

Live Events Information

Mandalas & Vision Art

All participants will have the option of creating a spiritual mandala or vision board on free time during the retreat. This is a silent and sacred art space to enter into a meditative space and state that allows a natural creative process and expression. Art supplies will be available for one mandala or vision art per participant to create freely as a fun, expressive practice of stillness and inner creativity.

Simple Organic Cuisine

In the spirit of silence, stillness and inward meditation we will serve healthy, light, vegan & organic meals that will be enjoyed in silence, practicing conscious eating.

We will have fresh fruit & light snacks available between meals and hot tea and alkaline water available 24/7. 

Sample Organic & Vegan Menu



Five Star Bread

Cold Pressed Juice

Water & Hot Herbal Tea

Vegan Ice Cream


Ecstatic Life Events are held in One World Sanctuaries. Accommodations need to be handled separately from Ecstatic Life Course events. One World Sanctuaries are shrines to John, The Beloved with animal sanctuaries, self sustainable & off the grid, they include spa services, farm & market, Ecstatic Yoga, cobb construction, and One World Events. 


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Location, Dates & Price

Beautiful Mountain Village Midway, Utah