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Asana I

Basking in Bliss

3 Day Immersion

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3 Ecstatic Asana Practices
3 Pranayama & Meditation Practices

3 Foundational Yoga Classes
3 Yoga History & Definitions
3 Restore Yin Yoga Practices
3 Analytics Classes

3 Rapture Meditations
Online Course: $147
Live Retreat: $595

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Invitation Video


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Ecstatic Yoga Asana Retreat will provide a solid foundation of asana and the history of yoga! We will enjoy daily morning asana, pranayama and meditation practices and afternoon yin restore practice. You will become skilled and knowledgeable in the basics of yoga, poses, energetics, history, pranayama. You will learn the analytics of how to practice poses of the sun salutation, warrior flow and several floor poses.  Enjoy feeling confident in your own practice and as an emerging yogi and yoga instructor.
You will receive 24 hours toward the Ecstatic Yoga 200 Teacher Training. (RYS)

Yoga Asana Practice

Each day will include a simple yoga practice with morning sunrise yoga and afternoon restorative and yin yoga. This will allow you to connect to your body, mind and spirit as one, allowing a deeper integration of the meditation, rapture and mindfulness practices. Yoga practice is geared towards all levels of yogi's, even if you have never done yoga before you will find our morning and restorative yoga practices will deepen your connection to your whole and sacred self and ever present Divine Source within.

Pranayama & Meditation

Each morning we will practice a pranayama or meditation to bring forth mindfulness. We will train our minds to find quiet and peace as we deepen and integrate the energies of the asana practices. When yoga began over 5K years ago, it solely consisted of breath and meditation. A couple thousand years later the guru's discovered adding movement prior to meditation helped students find stillness. We will practice stillness in the same way each day.

Foundational Yoga Classes

In our foundational courses we will learn the stages of a yoga pose, setting our foundation, getting into proper alignment, creating our intention and lines of energy, as well as adjusting and modifying the pose. We wrap everything up with the life force energy of our breath.

Yoga History & Definitions

We will be learning about hatha yoga history as well as Ecstatic Yoga lineage. We will also bring the wisdom of the yoga sutras for a deeper connection to yoga and it's history. Finally we will have fun bringing in ancient yogic hand mudras, their uses and benefits.




In our three analytics classes you will learn the logistics of getting into and teaching a yoga pose properly including your foundation, alignment, intention, any modifications and adjustments while bringing prana, breath and life force into the pose. We will cover poses from Sun Salutation, Warrior Flow, and several floor poses.

We will conclude each day with an opportunity to open your heart and let your spirit soar as we join in rapture meditation together to beautiful music. Allow the waves of rapture immerse you and fill you with light, love, beauty and grace. Simply sitting in the meditation and joining with other's who are experiencing rapture invites you to dive into the energy of the ever-expanding heart felt rapture. No experience necessary.

Live Events Information

Mandalas & Vision Art

All participants will have the option of creating a spiritual mandala or vision board on free time during the retreat. This is a silent and sacred art space to enter into a meditative space and state that allows a natural creative process and expression. Art supplies will be available for one mandala or vision art per participant to create freely as a fun, expressive practice of stillness and inner creativity.

Simple Organic Cuisine

In the spirit of silence, stillness and inward meditation we will serve healthy, light, vegan & organic meals that will be enjoyed in silence, practicing conscious eating.
We will have fresh fruit & light snacks available between meals and hot tea and alkaline water available 24/7. 

Sample Organic & Vegan Menu

Five Star Bread
Cold Pressed Juice
Water & Hot Herbal Tea
Vegan Ice Cream


Ecstatic Life Events are held in One World Sanctuaries. Accommodations need to be handled separately from Ecstatic Life Course events. One World Sanctuaries are shrines to John, The Beloved with animal sanctuaries, self sustainable & off the grid, they include spa services, farm & market, Ecstatic Yoga, cobb construction, and One World Events. 


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Location, Dates & Price

Beautiful Mountain Village Midway, Utah




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