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Ecstatic Yoga Workbook

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30 Day Mindfulness Self Love Challenge 
Basking in Self Love


EY30 Day Mindfulness Self Love Challenge, Basking in Presence

10-15 minutes a day to deeper self love. All love begins with Self Love! You can only love others as much as you love yourself, the more authentic love and respect you have for your own self, the more love you have to give... therefore the more joy you experience in life. These simple 10 minute meditations will give you practices to deepen self love, and practices you can bring into your entire day and lifetime.


Day 1                   

Bring love into the heart          

Day 2

Mirror Exercise

Day 3                   

Transform Inner Conversation           

Day 4 

Radical Self Forgiveness

Day 5

Forgiveness of Others, Purifying Self 

Day 6 

Integrating forgiveness and love toward self

Day 7                   

Bring comfort and resolution to preschooler Self wounding

Day 8                   

Bring unconitional love to the young elementary school age child 

Day 9                    

Bring unconditional love to the teen/young adult self 

Day 10                

Bring unconditional love to the adult self

Day 11                   10 minute           

Day 12                   10 minute          

Day 13                   10 minute           

Day 14                   10 minute           

Day 15                   10 minute           

Day 16                   10 minute           

Day 17                   10 minute           

Day 18                   10 minute         

Day 19                   10 minute        

Day 20                  10 minute           

Day 21                   10 minute           

Day 22                  10 minute           

Day 23                  10 minute           

Day 24                  10 minute           

Day 25                  10 minute           

Day 26                  10 minute         

Day 27                  10 minute           

Day 28                  10 minute           

Day 29                  10 minute           

Day 30                  10 minute           

Bonus                   10 minute           

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Pranayama analytic


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EY Analytics Sun Salutation.jpeg

Pranayama Practice

EY Analytics Sun Salutation.jpeg


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