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Ecstatic Yoga

200 Hour Teacher Training Week Eleven 


Welcome to week 11,

Mindfulness Key; Radical self love, immersing yourself with praise, seeing all the good in you, doing things you love, do something special like a bubble bath with your favorite music, get yourself some flowers, acknowledge yourself for everything.

Philosophy; Practice the Burning the Karma process.


  •  8-9 am Monday- Yin Asana & Message

  •  8-9:30 am Tuesday- Sun Salutation C, pranayama

  •  8-9:30 am Wednesday- Floor & Hip Openers, meditation

  •  8-9:30 am Thursday - Warrior Flow, Samadhi

  •  8-9:30 am Friday - Movement & Balance, Rapture

Put together your 10 minute practicum with about 4 poses you will take a few students through.


Upcoming In Person Immersion Details:

Ceremony: Practicums & Celebration

Asana: Ten minute practicum's

Date & Time: Thursday December 1, 2022 5-9 pm

Location: John's Place 133 E 4800 S Murray, Utah 84107

Please have a ten minute asana practice prepared to take students through.

Please wear comfortable clothing for movement, bring a yoga mat (We can sell you one for $20) water bottle, notebook, sweatshirt and/or blanket for savasana if needed, and snacks for breaks. Please no strong scents or artificial perfunes.

Please arrive 15 minutes early. 

You can park on the street, in the back part of the lot, or across the street, there is a large free parking lot. Please do not park under the carports, that space is reserved for tenant parking only. 

Week 11 Videos


Welcome to Week 11



Body Temple



Asana I



Asana II

Ethics & Biz

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Daily Practice 
Ecstatic Yoga Youtube
8-9:30 am
Monday thru Friday
(3) Ecstatic Yoga - YouTube

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Homework Week 11

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Samadhi Walking Meditation (1).jpeg
Samadhi Eye Gazing  (1).jpeg

Self Love


Self Reflection

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Recordings & PDF's


See Below


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EY Analytics Blaster Pose.jpeg

Week 11 Analytics Poses

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EY Pranayama Sitkari (2).jpeg
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