Divine Christensen

Practicing the Presence through the Body


I begin practicing Yoga regularly in 2010 for weight loss and toning. The benefits I received definitely exceeded my expectations, finding physical, mental, and spiritual gifts are weaved throughout Yogic practices.

Most of my life I had been a spiritual seeker - wanting to connect to that Divine Presence. I have come to realize that which I had been seeking truly resides within this body –‘The Door to Everything”.

I left my 30 year career as an Engineer in 2016 to pursue the passionate calling of my heart – Yoga-Practicing the Presence. Each morning I awaken full of gratitude for this opportunity in Life.

Some of the changes I have noticed since I began my Yoga Practice:

  • My inner Spiritual connection grows stronger and deeper everyday

  • Desire to strengthen mindfulness as a daily practice

  • My desire for healthy foods became a natural choice. 

  • Inner peace has replaced reactive mind more often than not.

  • My physical body is strong, healthy, flexible and alive.

  • Beautiful relationship with the breath – the carrier of Life

  • Ability to be present for myself and others


Practicing Yoga is something I look forward to doing and am honored to share my passion with others. 

I currently have over 1500 teaching hours and have attended many clinics and classes since my certification with Yoga Alliance.

The practice of Yoga speaks to my heart on a daily basis as I continue to grow my practice. I am a courageous woman that dares to be vulnerable and lead the way for others. ‘We are all walking each other Home’

I love to delve into the Art and Science of Yoga - 8 Limbs of Yoga. Most people are only familiar with the Asanas.

I currently teach at Yoga Studios, Recovery Centers and private events.

My classes include Meditation, Pranayama ( Breathing) as well as Asanas (postures). You will be able to focus on posture alignment at a slow pace before moving into the flow. You are invited to feel and honor your own body as you learn how to communicate with your body and soul. 

The Light In Me Recognizes and Honors the Light In You. Namaste’