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It is an Honor to be with you on this Spiritual journey back to your Atman (true essence) to discover your true self of who you really are. To “Know Thy Self” and remember where we came from.  


My spiritual journey did not begin until later in life in my early 20’s. After high school I went to college and learn a skilled trade in mechanics. Later moved to California and purposed an occupation in the construction area. When financial problems arised I came back to my home state here is Utah. Here I continued my trade in construction as a framer building residential homes. Eventually pursed a different career outside the construction occupation.  


In my early 20’s I began to read books on meditation and got serious about following a spiritual path after having an out-of-boy experience. An interest in the Qabalah was my first step along my journey and provide a wonderful experience to learn and grow over the next few years. At this point I was still reading many books on different subjects of spirituality. I found a worn out used book on Kriya yoga in a bookstore that I bought for a cheap price. I read through the content and discovered it was the piece of the puzzle that was missing in my life. It gave me a road map to follow on how to find my own “Atman” and path to enlightenment. It was from here that I studied the Patanjali Sutras and began the Kriya yoga practices.  


Many opportunities open up through my personal studies and classes through yoga schools on the subject of meditation, mantra, chakras and how the use of hatha and prana can bring a balance and harmonious state of mind. These resources help explain how the mind works and how our emotional states that we deal with on a daily basis. How to overcome obstacles that get in our way as we pursue our journey to discover ourselves and the wisdom of the Cosmos. 


Until we can experience happiness and peace in our daily life the bliss of the Divine’s presence will not be able to dwell inside us. Find your joy and harmony here on Earth and you will find it the love of the Divine’s inside you.  

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