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Grace Elizabeth

Ecstatic Yoga Director


John, The Beloved


Ecstatic Yoga Costa Rica

500 Yoga Instructor
Samadhi Yoga Practioner
Life Coach
ordained Minister
Reiki Master
Massage therapist
peruvian Shaman
Certified Breath therapist 

My yoga journey began from a sense of self-loathing of my body. I struggled with a severe eating disorder from my sophomore year in high school to my sophomore year in college. It began as anorexia from wanting to lose weight in the summer between freshman and sophomore years in high school after someone told me I had a fat ass. I went from 112 pounds to 85 pounds that summer, just thinking I needed to be slimmer to be accepted (As well as having no knowledge of how to lose weight in a healthy and safe manner.) I maintained that weight for a couple years until I lost my periods and began fainting. After my father began forcing me to eat, I developed bulimia where I would overeat and feel such guilt, remorse and self-loathing from overeating that I would starve myself for a day to compensate… or take laxatives to not gain weight. It was a painful journey for many years.  I remember picking up an old diary from my college years (I had boxes of them) and I was saddened to see at the top of every page I would write down my weight… usually about 95 or 96 pounds and after I wrote Tubbalard, blubbalard or Fatso.

This led me to counseling, a yoga philosophy class and intense spiritual study that began a new path for me that would change my life forever and finally bring back the innate joy within that we all possess. I began healing my eating disorder as I became conscious of my thoughts. The yoga sutras and philosophy helped me become aware of my harsh inner dialog, the diversions of my mind and how it led to binges and the inner pain of the bulimic cycle of self-loathing and self-destructive behavior. Even though my food addictions had been healed through managing my thoughts about food, I went through a period of depression in college, and I yearned for the joy and ecstasy I experienced throughout my youth… a natural ecstasy I couldn't seem to regain as an adult. I tried everything I could find, I read many spiritual books and pursed many spiritual studies yet that rapture that was so natural up until my sophomore year in high school was elusive. I was running, riding my bike and occasionally swimming for fitness, however it wasn’t until I attended an asana yoga class in the evenings at my college, getting out of my head and into my subtle body when transformation really began to occur for me. I was beginning to feel a lot of energy pulsing through my body and at first this scared me because when the sensations were intense, I felt I had gained weight or ate too much food. It was a yoga asana practice that helped me to learn that it was the inner sensations of pratyahara and the aliveness of the subtle body that was awakening spontaneously within me. The physical practice of yoga asana and mastering my thoughts in studying yogic philosophy helped me make peace with my body and regain a healthy mind/body connection.

in the 1980's I began going to yoga retreat centers during my college vacations, because yoga was transforming my life and the joy was coming back. I went on many yoga retreats over the years, my favorite one was in 1999 in San Jose, Costa Rica, when I fell in love with the country. I later purchased my first property of 176 Acres in Altimara, Costa Rica... our very first One World Sanctuary. I later purchased property in Playa Dominical, Costa Rica where the mountains meet the sea. This is an international destination and the home of One World Sanctuary and Ecstatic Life Events, including Ecstatic Yoga. In 2014 I took a month personal Samadhi sabbatical in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho (Our family vacation spot) and purchased 17 acres... our second Sanctuary and home of Ecstatic yoga. Also, in 2019 I purchased a lot in the small surfing town of Playa Dominical which is the future site of John’s Place Juice Bar.

Yoga has helped me become friends with all aspects of my being… it is an ongoing journey of self-love and awakening I am grateful and honored to take with myself and share with all students of Ecstatic Yoga Teacher Training. I love Helping others through teaching yoga and practicing yoga as a lifestyle... using asana, pranayama, samadhi and weaving the 8 fold path, kosha's, bandha's and meditation into a well-rounded yoga practice and class for people of all levels and ages.

Ecstatic Yoga is whole harmonious yoga and sacred embodiment honoring all aspects of our being, benefiting and serving the whole person. Allowing and opening up the natural flow of prana, aliveness, and mindfulness connects us to our Atman, or Inner Guru and awakens the inner joy and True Spiritual Nature we all possess within. When we bring more and more spiritual light, embody the Divine more and more into the physical being, we become more powerfully able to serve humanity in our unique way.  Attaining an intimate loving relationship with Brahman, Creator Source, the God of our understanding is the ultimate goal of yoga. This is a journey I am grateful beyond measure to be deepening each and every day of my existence.

Teaching Ecstatic Yoga classes and teacher trainings is a gift I am honored to share. I have been a yoga instructor since 2008 and hope to continue to teach and learn yoga all the days of my life. It is a deeply fulfilling, transformational, joyous and ever-expanding sacred inner journey.

​I am presently a 500 hour Yoga Teacher certified with yoga alliance and One World Humanity. I am also a Certified Samadhi & Yoga Nidra Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Certified Rebirther, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Peruvian Shaman, Reiki Master, Oneness blessing giver and trainer, Bars & Theta practitioner. 

I created Ecstatic Yoga School in 2017 after my beloved son John passed… it was a promise I made him a week before he passed. He wanted to become a yoga instructor under the Ecstatic Yoga Lineage. I am honored to be fulfilling that promise each time we embark on a teacher training and I know John’s magnificent presence is present always.









My greatest passions are being with my beloved family, including channeling my beloved son John's messages from Heaven and forwarding his One World CommUnity global movement for peace. I also enjoy serving for Center for Awakening non-profit organization, reading spiritual texts and angel stories, walking in nature, singing, practicing  yoga, dancing, swimming in hot springs and the ocean.

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