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Ecstatic Yoga

200 Hour Teacher Training Week One


We want to acknowledge you for your courage and commitment to yourself for embarking on this personal growth journey. As a teacher we focus first on ourselves, the ongoing mastery of our gifts, then we have the ability to impact many others in a positive and powerful way. This week we will cover an intro to Samadhi and the 8 fold path, intro to mindfulness, a lesson on the bandhas, or energy locks and self love. For asana we will be focusing on the Sun Salutation C, Surya Namaskar C.

Mindfulness Key 

Meditation with single focus on the breath


mula bandha (Engaging the root) 
Uddiyana bandha (Engaging the diaphram lock)
Jarandala bandha (Engaging the chin lock & bringing the tongue to the roof of the mouth.)
Mala bandha (Engaging all three bandhas simultaneously)
We invite you to practice engaging the bandhas during all your yoga practices, as well as randomly throughout the day.

Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar C

This is the traditional surya namaskara and my favorite of all the sun salutations! What is great about the sun salutation is the variety of movements... inversions, backbends... as well as the possibilities of variations we can add. Surya Namaskar is a perfect way to begin your day. Enjoy!


Upcoming In Person Immersion Details:

Date & Time: Thursday 5:30-9pm

Location: John's Place 133 E 4800 S Murray, Utah 84107

Please wear comfortable clothing for movement, bring a yoga mat (We can sell you one for $20) water bottle, notebook, sweatshirt and/or blanket for savasana if needed, and snacks for breaks. Please arrive arrive 10 minutes early. 

You can park on the street, in the back part of the lot, or across the street there is a large free parking lot. Please do not park under the carports, that space is reserved for tenant parking only. 



Welcome to Week 1



Body Temple



Asana I



Asana II

Ethics & Biz

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Energy locks within your body that seal in the increased prana created during asana practice. These locks prevent energy leaks



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Daily Practice
Ecstatic Yoga Youtube
Monday thru Friday

LIVE 8-9:30 am
(3) Ecstatic Yoga - YouTube

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Self Love


Self Reflection


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Meet the Instructors

Welcome Video

See Below

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Module 1: Homework

Science of Yoga- pg 10-11

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