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Ecstatic Yoga

200 Hour Teacher Training Week Two


We want to acknowledge you for your courage and commitment to yourself for embarking on this personal growth journey. As a teacher we focus first on ourselves, the ongoing mastery of our gifts, then we have the ability to impact many others in a positive and powerful way. This week we will cover an introduction to chakras, nadi's & vayu systems, mindful eating, foundations of a yoga pose,  and a Zoom discussion on the Yamas and self love. For asana we will be focusing on the Sun Salutation C, Surya Namaskar C.

Mindfulness Key 

Connecting to the subtle body through pratyahara, subtle inner sensations.

Philosophy; Self Love & Yamas (Patanjali's 8 Limbs)

Asana Daily Practice

  •  8-9 am Monday- Yin Asana

  •  8-9:30 am Tuesday- Sun Salutation C, pranayama

  •  8-9:30 am Wednesday- Floor & Hip Openers, meditation

  •  8-9:30 am Thursday - Warrior Flow, Samadhi

  •  8-9:30 am Friday - Movement & Balance, Rapture

Analytics: Sun Salutation Poses and Flow


Upper Limbs

Upcoming In Person Immersion Details:

Ceremony: Empowerment

Body Temple: Pin the bones on Joy!

Asana: Warrior Flow & Pranayama

Philosophy: Raja Yoga, 8 Limbs

Date & Time: Thursday October 6, 2022 5-9 pm

Location: John's Place 133 E 4800 S Murray, Utah 84107

Please wear comfortable clothing for movement, bring a yoga mat (We can sell you one for $20) water bottle, notebook, sweatshirt and/or blanket for savasana if needed, and snacks for breaks. Please arrive 15 minutes early. 

You can park on the street, in the back part of the lot, or across the street, there is a large free parking lot. Please do not park under the carports, that space is reserved for tenant parking only. 

Week 2 Videos


Welcome to Week 2



Body Temple



Asana I



Asana II

Ethics & Biz

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6:30-8 pm
Discussion Subject:
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 812 3596 1540



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Self Love


Self Reflection

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Inspiring Video

Listed Below

Week Two Anatomy Homework

Netter book coloring assignment. 

color plates: 3-17, 3-18, 3-19, 3-20, 3-21, 3-22, 3-23. For those who want more detail the page before the picture has tables with all the details about where muscles attach in great detail. I am not holding you for all of that so this piece is for those who wish to understand the details. I like Netter better because the pictures are really good. 


Yoga coloring book: pages 49-73... Put your emphasis on the muscles of shoulder and upper arm. Again, there is a lot of text here which I encourage you to read... it goes pretty fast because the font is large. This Yoga Coloring Book will also help you learn the details of yoru Asana classes. I like this book because it shows you the muscles in yoga poses. There is no big exam so just take in what you can.. short study sessions followed by doing something with your arms and taking a minute to recognize the muscles that allow you to move.. You can make it fun.... put some music on in the background. Have Fun with this!!!

Daily Practice
Ecstatic Yoga 
8-9:30 am

Monday thru Friday
(3) Ecstatic Yoga - YouTube

Ecstatic Yoga loga (7).jpeg
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