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Ecstatic Yoga

200 Hour Teacher Training Week Two


We want to acknowledge you for your courage and commitment to yourself for embarking on this personal growth journey. As a teacher we focus first on ourselves, the ongoing mastery of our gifts, then we have the ability to impact many others in a positive and powerful way. 

Mindfulness Key: Single pointed focus on the breath 

Philosophy key focus; Satya – Truthfulness

Asana Daily Practice with 10 minute meditation

  •  Monday- Yin Asana

  •  Tuesday- Sun Salutation C, pranayama

  •  Wednesday- Floor & Hip Openers, meditation

  •  Thursday - Warrior Flow, Samadhi

  •  Friday - Movement & Balance, Rapture

Analytics: Skeletal System


PEACE 2024;  Meditation4peace: Sunday April 14 11:30am-3:30 pm

Week 2 Videos


Welcome to Week 2



Body Temple



Asana I



Asana II

Ethics & Biz

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Daily Practice


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Self Love


Self Reflection

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Listed Below

Science of Yoga, by Ann Swanson

Pages 12-15 Skeletal System

Pages 56-67 Poses Cow, Cow face, Side Bend


The Yoga Anatomy Coloring Book. By Kelly Solloway

Pages 30-38 Poses Half Moon, Extended  Side Angle

Skeletal System & Joints

Daily Practice
Ecstatic Yoga 

Monday thru Friday
(3) Ecstatic Yoga - YouTube

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Analytics Pranayama

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EY Pranayama Dirga Pranayama breath awareness (2).jpeg
EY Pranayama Dirga Pranayama Belly Breath (2).jpeg
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