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Ecstatic Yoga Workbook

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Asana I Workbook
Pranayama Practice Vitalizing


EY Pranayama Practice Vitalizing & Energizing


We will be practicing a vitalizing pranayama practice today that will include the following pranayama’s.

It is important to know that you can always release your breath during Kumbaka, breath retention. Also anytime you need to stop the breath practice before a round is completed please honor your body, simply rest in belly breathing until the next round or next pranayama.

Also, it is recommended that you blow your nose before this practice, as we will be breathing through the nose, sometimes rapidly in some of the pranayamas.

Mindful Breathing

Belly Breath

Chandra Bhedana

Surya Bhedana




Breath of Fire


Mindful Belly Breath


Mindful Breathing;

Breath Awareness, observing the breath with no judgment and without changing it.

Belly Breath; Bringing the breath down to the lower abdominal, at the navel and below, even down to the pelvic floor. Activating the parasympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response.


Chandra Bhedana;

Piercing the moon, activating the Ida Nadi

Close off right nostril, inhale fully through the left nostril. Close off both nostrils and hold the breath. Release right nostril and exhale through the right nostril.

(Inhale left, hold, exhale right)

Repeat 5-10 rounds


Surya Bhedana;

Piercing the sun, activating the Pingala Nadi

Close off left nostril, inhale fully through the right nostril. Close off both nostrils and hold the breath. Release left nostril and exhale through the left nostril.

(Inhale right, hold, exhale left)

Repeat 5-10 rounds


Viloma, Interrupted breathing;

Exhale completely, inhale into the belly… pause, inhale into the ribs… pause, inhale into the chest… pause. Exhale slowly. Repeat 10 times.

Inhale completely, exhale 1… pause, exhale 2… pause, exhale 3… pause, exhale completely… pause. Inhale deeply. Repeat 10 times.


Kapalabhati, skull shining breath;

Inhale deeply through both nostrils and fill the entire chest. Exhale through the nose rapidly bringing the naval into the spine. Allow the inhale to occur naturally and two to three times longer than the exhale, no force. 27 breaths. 3 Integration breaths. 3 rounds.



Inhale and exhale through both nostrils, evenly, rapidly, rhythmically, pulling the naval into the spine on the exhale, 27 breathing cycles per round. Exhale completely and hold the breath… (Kumbhaka) engage the bandhas while sensing the energy within your body build… when ready release the hold and inhale completely. Take 3 integration breaths and repeat for 3 rounds.

Breath of Fire;

Similar to Bastrika yet deeper and slower breaths with more force to the naval in the exhalation, and we practice kumbhaka, or breath retention on the inhale and invite a forward fold on the final exhale during the 3 integration breaths.

Inhale and exhale deeply and rhythmically with a strong pull into the naval on the exhale. 27 breathing cycles, then a final deep 3 part yogic inhale, belly, ribs and chest to fill the entire abdomen with prana. You may place your hands on your knees and lift the heart and chest on the inhale. Hold the breath, (kumbhaka) and engage the bandhas as you sense the energy build in your body. Exhale completely as you fold forward, taking 3 integration breaths in a forward folding position. Repeat 3 times.



You will be constricting the glottis muscle in the throat for this pranayama. To feel this constriction begin by opening the mouth and pretend you are fogging a window or mirror… feel the constriction on the back of the throat. Then close the mouth and again pretend to fog a window or mirror as you constrict this same muscle with the mouth closed. You should hear a subtle yet obvious ocean sound coming from the back of your throat. On the exhale you can slightly release the constriction, therefore the sound will be a bit quieter.

Inhale into a 3 part yogic breath, as you engaging the glottis muscle. Inhaling into the belly, ribs and chest. Pause gently and naturally at the top of the breath. Exhale with glottis slightly released, exhaling twice as long as the inhale with a long, smooth exhale.

Mindful Belly Breath

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Pranayama analytic


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Pranayama Practice

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