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200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Live & Online


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A whole, harmonious experience of sacred embodiment provides an empowered and joyous way of living. Inspired by John, The Beloved and forwarded by his mother Grace. Dive into the depths of samadhi and the ecstasy of rapture while connecting intimately with the sacred body here now. Become more than just a yoga instructor, become one with the Divine Self and all Life.

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Ecstatic Yoga

Ecstatic Yoga

Ecstatic Yoga
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Ecstatic Yoga
EY Yin Asana   Activating Inner Energy

EY Yin Asana Activating Inner Energy

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Morning Asana Practice

Morning Asana Practice

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2 Samadhi Prana & Meditation

2 Samadhi Prana & Meditation

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2 Samadhi Asana Practice

2 Samadhi Asana Practice

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