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Ecstatic Yoga​ Hybrid
200 hour  Online
Teacher Training

Welcome to Week 1

We want to acknowledge you for your courage and commitment to yourself for embarking on this personal growth journey. As a teacher we focus first on ourselves, the ongoing mastery of our gifts, then we have the ability to impact many others in a positive and powerful way. This week we will focus on the bandhas, or energy locks in our bodies and Sun Salutation C... Surya Namaskara C.


Bandhas  There are three bandhas, mula bandha (Engaging the root), uddiyana bandha (Engaging the core) and jarandala bandha (Engaging the chin lock & bringing the tongue to the roof of the mouth.) We invite you to practice engaging the bandhas during all your yoga practices, as well as randomly throughout the day.

Sun Salutation, Surya Namaskar C

This is my favorite of all the sun salutations! What is great about the sun salutation is the variety of movements... inversions, backbends... as well as the possibilities of variations we can add. Surya Namaskar is a perfect way to begin your day. Enjoy!

Week 1 Videos


Live Online
Course Schedule

M-F (Monday 7-8 am)

8-9:30 am
Sally's Zoom Link

Monday Zoom Class

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Meeting ID: 835 9125 3367
Passcode: 871254

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Asana & Meditation

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Weekly Homework

Daily Empowerment Exercises

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What You Will Learn









* YogaFlows & Sequences

* Yoga 8 Fold Path

* Kriya Meditation

* Adjusting Yoga Postures

* Leading A Yoga Class

* Kosha's/Nadi's/Chakras

* Bandha's

* Life Tantra/Deep Healing

* Yoga Nidra/Samadhi

* Yoga Instructor Ethics

* Yoga Business

* Yoga Mudra's

* Anatomy/Physiology

* Yogic Lifestyle

* Ecstatic Asana

* Ecstatic Breath

* Ecstatic Chant

* Ecstatic Dance

* Ecstatic Meditation

* Ecstatic Prayer

* Ecstatic CommUnity

* Ecstatic Service

* Ecstatic Nidra

* Ecstatic Samadhi

* Ecstatic Play

* Ecstatic Healing

* Ecstatic Ceremony

* Ecstatic Rapture

Ecstatic Yoga 
























A RYS with Ecstatic Yoga & Yoga Alliance 

Ecstatic Yoga 200 hour Online Teacher Training, certified by Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga School (RYS).


Ecstatic Yoga focuses on Asana, Samadhi, Rapture is a Whole Harmonious Union, embodying all aspects of  your being for the most ecstatic experience of life.


Ecstatic Yoga prepares it's students to be confident, well rounded, competent and ecstatic yoga instructors. The training includes Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Prana Yoga, and Union with your own Divine Being. You will be skilled in leading yoga classes that include asana's/postures, prana/breath, ceremonies, Samadhi and Rapture.


The intention of Ecstatic Yoga is to transform your relationship with your own Divine Self, connecting to the deeper aspects of Self that provide peace, fulfillment, rapture and living an Ecstatic Life.


You will be recognized in the Ecstatic Yoga lineage as a 200 hour Ecstatic Yoga Teacher. 500 hour Ecstatic Yoga Lineage may apply for Teacher positions at our Retreat Centers all over the world and present at our One World Yoga & Music Festivals.


 Ecstatic Asana

Sun Salutations

Warrior Flows

Balancing Flows

Standing Sequences

Floor Sequences


Leading A Class

Adjusting Students

Anatomy & Physiology

Ecstatic Breath





Life Force & Vitality

Ecstatic Nidra & Samadhi

Connect with inner body

Focusing awareness inward

Activating chakras

Release wellspring of energy

Ecstatic Chant

Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan

Sacred Chant

Ecstatic Meditation



Raja Yoga

Hand Mudra's

Stillness Meditation

Yoga Nidra


Ecstatic Dance

Spontaneous Movement

Spontaneous Postures

Ecstatic Rapture

Union with Divine Self

What is Included:

* Daily Live Videos

* Online Video Library

* Ecstatic Yoga Manuel PDF 

* Weekly Group Conference Calls

* Chat CommUnications with Staff

* Ecstatic Breath Certification

* Ecstatic Nidra Certification

* Reiki I Practitioner Certification 

Ecstatic Life

Eight Fold Path

Self Love Practice

Awakening Ceremony


Yoga Teacher Training

Grace Elizabeth
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Sally Firmage

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Mark Larsen



Annette Millett


Diana Fawn


Alex Tapia


Cliff Averre


Dean Peterson


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