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Online Immersions

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Ecstatic Life



Ecstatic Yoga 

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Ecstatic Shaman



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4th Annual Autumn Meditation Retreat,

3 Day Samadhi Immersion, Basking in Grace

Available now online! Regularly $170, if purchased  before Nov. 17, 2020 only $47. You can bask in a three day immersion at home or in a vacation spot, or take the immersion at your own pace. You will earn 30 credit hours toward becoming an Ecstatic Yoga Teacher Trainer (RYS)


Register now… your bliss body is waiting.

SamadhiDescription November_December 202

6 Samadhi Journeys

3 Ecstatic Yoga Asana Practices

3 Ecstatic Yoga Pranayama & Meditation Practices

3 Yoga Philosophy videos

3 Empowerment Exercises

3 Rapture Meditations

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Divine Grace Mindfully basking in the ne
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Ceremony I Retrieval I Activations I Medicine I Wheel I Journeys I Divine I Rights

Online Immersions Coming Soon!

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