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Samadhi Online

3 Day Immersion

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Ecstatic Yoga Introduces New Course!

3rd Annual Autumn Meditation Retreat

3 Day Samadhi Immersion, Basking in Grace

The ultimate goal of yoga, basking in Divine Grace, pure conscious awareness. In this course we use yogic philosophy to journey through the layers of your being to naturally dwell in the bliss body and bask in Samadhi, our deepest connection to the Divine. Do this course as a 3 Day Immersion or at your own pace.


What it includes:

3 Ecstatic Yoga Asana Practices

3 Ecstatic Yoga Pranayama & Silent Meditation Practices

3 Yoga Philosophy videos

3 Spiritual Practices & Exercises

3 Rapture Meditations

3 Moon Samadhi Journeys Pratyahara, Meditation, Samadhi

3 Sun Samadhi Journeys, Embodiment, Vital Energy, Concentration

24 Credit hours Ecstatic Yoga Teacher Trainings (RYS)


Register Below!

Regularly $170, Limited time special $47

Grace yoga flyer (5).jpeg

If you love yoga, desire to be an empowered yoga instructor, transform your life while basking in a stunningly beautiful retreat environment, register now to enroll in an upcoming Ecstatic Yoga Teacher Training. Class size is limited and students are accepted on a first come basis.




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