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Ecstatic Yoga

Dates & Details 

Playa Dominical

Costa Rica


Ecstatic Yoga 2oo Hour
Yoga Teacher Training (RYS) 2023

Dates February 1-21

One World Sanctuaries


Shrine I Animals I Sustain I CommUnity I Farms I Ecstatic Wellness I Living Arts I EVENTS! 


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Playa Dominical
Costa Rica

Playa Dominical is a stunningly beautiful beach town on the Pacific Ocean coastline of Costa Rica, where the mountains meet the sea. Sunrise and sunset asana practices are enjoyed on the gorgeous coastal beach. A hopping small town with John's Place Juice Bar, clubs, art & yoga studio's, health food restaurants and fruit stands. Often called a surfers oasis due to premium surfing conditions.


You can walk the sandy beach during your breaks, or sunbath and work on that golden tan. The ocean is warm and inviting for snorkeling, body surfing or swimming.  

Meditate to the tunes of the monkeys and tropical birds, meet the local people, journal by a waterfall and sandy palm forest beach. If you don't like high surf you can body surf in Playa Dominicalito bay. Hike in the rainforest after breakfast or take a nap in your hammock after lunch.


The air temperature stays in the 80's year round, ideal for yoga. Playa Dominical is a highly sought after international travel destination for people of all ages.

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If you love yoga and want to transform your life while basking in our One World Sanctuaries, register now to enroll in  an upcoming Ecstatic Yoga Teacher Training. Class size is limited and students are accepted on a first come basis.

2 Excursions Included

Costa Rica

* Zip Line

* Snorkeling

* Dolphin Tour

* Caves

* Hiking

* Beach Trip

* Waterfall

* Surfing

* Shopping

* Hot Springs


Costa Rica

Spacious private luxury rooms 

Double Occupancy  

Private bath with jetted tubs

Private patio/deck

Desk and sitting area

Small refrigerator


Costa Rica

Fly into:

San Jose, Costa Rica Int. Airport

Optional: Shuttle to Palmar Sur Airport

Taxi to Playa Dominical Costa Rica


From San Jose 3-4 hours




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