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Kriya Meditation

Basking in the Divine


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Burning the Karma 

Kriya Practice's

Kriya Meditations

Ecstatic Yoga


Simple Organic Cuisine



Dates, Price & Locations

Burning the Karma

Overcoming the maya of the illusion of our separation from the Divine.

               Kriya Practices

The ancient techniques of old leading to the New Age to live our full potential and capability of Grace upon God's given planet Earth.

Kriya Meditation

The pathway to the silence within to eternal peace and bliss to the soul. The tranquility that has always existed but forgotten and now remembered as our true home within.

Ecstatic Yoga

Yoga Nidra & Samadhi

The intention of Yoga is "To Yoke" or become one with Human Self and Divine Self, or the God of your understanding. It is said by many ancient yogic traditions that the Samadhi state is the ultimate goal of all yoga. We will practice Samadhi the last day of the retreat.


Simple Organic Cuisine

In the spirit of silence, stillness and inward meditation we will serve healthy, light, vegan & organic meals that will be enjoyed in silence, practicing conscious eating.

We will have fresh fruit & light snacks available between meals and hot tea and alkaline water available 24/7. 

Sample Organic & Vegan Menu



Five Star Bread

Cold Pressed Juice

Water & Hot Herbal Tea

Vegan Ice Cream


Divine Grace Stillness Retreats are held in a beautiful private home setting in beautiful Midway, Utah. Stillness retreats are limited to 10 participants, our home setting has 4 Bedrooms and three full baths. Sitting room with fireplace, covered patio, Sanctuary meditation room, library. Scenic walking trails abound with majestic mountain vistas. With silence and meditation encouraged other than guided meditations, yoga instruction and evening sharing we find the shared accommodations are comfortable and bathroom use never a problem.



Kriya Meditation

Day 1


Time                             Description

Noon- 3:00 pm:                 Check In, Open Food Buffet, settle into rooms, get acquainted.  

3:30 pm                        Orientation: Review Retreat Schedule and policies                                                                           

4:00 pm                        Kriya Practice - Burning the Karma                                                                                                                

5:30 pm                        Dinner (In Silence, practicing conscious eating.)                                                                         

7:00 pm                        Kriya Practice - The Path to Peace                                                                                        

8:30 pm                        The Rapture

10:00 pm                      Lights Out                                                                                         


Divine Grace

Day 2


Time                             Description

6:00AM - 7:30AM         Ecstatic Yoga and Stillness Retreat

8:00AM                         Breakfast/Eating Meditation

9:00AM                         Introduction to the Patanjali Sutras

10:00AM                       Kria Practice – The Art of Living Within

12:30PM                       Lunch/Eating Meditation

2:00PM                         Kriya Practice- The Art of Breathing

3:00PM                         Kriya Practice - The Techniques to Live By

5:00PM                         Dinner/Eating Meditation

6:00PM                         Kriya Practice- The Living Prana's Within

7:00PM                         The Rapture

8:00PM                         Personal Time Walk/Journal/Vision Mandala

10:00PM                       Lights Out


Divine Grace

Day 3


Time                             Description

6:00AM - 7:30AM         Ecstatic Yoga

8:00AM                         Breakfast/Eating Meditation

9:00AM                         Kriya Practice- The Tunnel to Bliss

10:00AM                       Kriya Practice- The Art of Living Kriya

11:30PM                       Lunch/Eating Meditation

12:30PM                       Kriya Practice- Samadhi

2:00PM                         Closing Circle

Location, Dates & Price

Beautiful Mountain Village Midway, Utah

October 9-11 2020



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