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Viloma Pranayama

Steps to practice

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Possible Benefits
- Expands & lengthens the breath
- Increases vital capacity
- Regulates blood pressure
- Cools the body down 
- Treats symptoms of menopause
- Reduce eye strain & headache
- Relieves negative thinking
- Improves focus & concentration
- Balances the dosha's, vata, pitta, kapha
- Increases peace of mind


- Recent stomach, heart or        brain surgery
-Severe backache, constipation or diarrhea

Against the Current
Or Interrupted breathing

Sitting: chair, cushion, block

- Exhale completely
- Inhale to the belly, pause, inhale to the ribs, pause, inhale to the chest, pause
- Exhale slowly
- Repeat for 10-12 rounds
- Rest for 3 natural breaths
- Inhale fully
- Exhale one, pause, exhale two, pause, exhale three, pause, exhale four, pause
- Inhale slowly & completely
- Repeat for 10-12 rounds



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