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Sanskrit, Utthitta Tadasana



   & Variations 

- Improves posture
- Lengthens body
- Elongates spine
- Heart opening


- Low blood pressure
- Lightheadedness
- Migranes


- Narrow stance (Feet closer together.





Steps; Standing wide-stance

Both feet wide stance.

- Energy from the heart center out five points; both feet into the earth, both arms and up out the crown.

- Slight outward rotation of feet
- Neutral pelvis, find your center of gravity
- Ground feet, energy extending down into the earth.
- Lift & elongate spine, energy extending out the crown.
- Bring both arms outstretched parallel to floor, energy extending out both arms and fingertips
- Energy from the solar plexus and out all five lines of energy.

 Engage Bandhas & Breath

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- Feet pointing slightly out
- Neutral pelvis
- Straight legs, soft knees
- Arms extended out

 Coming Out of the Pose

- Release arms to sides, bring feet to hip with to relaxed standing position.

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