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Analytics: Reverse Warrior 

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Sanskrit, Viparita Virabhadrasana



 Modifications #

- Improves spinal & hip flexion
-Strengthens leg muscles
- Helps to lower BP
- Helps alleviate back pain
-Activates heart and throat chakras


- 3rd trimester pregnancy
- Hip, back, neck, knee or ankle injury

-Narrow stance by bringing feet closer together.
-Bring a knee down to floor for a low reverse warrior. 





 Steps; From Warrior II, left foot forward

- Both feet on mat, wide stance, front foot 90 degrees facing forward, back foot 45 degrees.

- Heels aligned or line with front heel to arc of back foot.
- Front knee over front ankle
- Legs and pelvis stable
- Slight rib rotation, Heart open


- Spinal extension, crown loop 
- From the heart chakra up and out extended fingers

- Extend crown (Crown loop) lifting crown to sky
- Bring Right arm to the back of Right (Back) leg
- Allow for some lateral spinal flexion
- Extend the left arm arching up over head 
- Allow for some spinal rotation, open & lift the heart
- Pelvis and feet stable


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Release arms to rest on sides, bring feet together to standing position.

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