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Analytics: Forward Fold

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Sanskrit, Uttanasana



 Modifications #

- Stretch and lengthens hamstrings.
- Relieves low back pain.
- Massage internal organs.
- Calms Nervous System.
- Relieves Abdominal cramps.
- Stimulates Digestive, Uro-genital, Nervous and Endocrine Systems.

- Recent or chronic injury to the legs, hips, back or shoulders.

- Bring arms to a block to raise floor. 
- Clasp hands behind the calves.
- Hold elbows for hanging forward fold.
- As you hinge down and up variations for arms are to bring them to hips, out wide like angel wings or close to body. Never out in front.





 Steps; Begin in Mountain/Tadasana

- Both feet rooted on mat, parallel and hip width apart.

- Stick out tail slightly and hinge forward from the hips.
- To protect low back as you hinge forward allow arms to be wide like angel wings, on the hips, or close in to the body. 
- Hands resting by the little toes or block
- Relax head in line with spine.


-Relax into inversion, passive stretch
- Soft knees

- Begin to stick out the tail bone and hinge forward at the hips.
- Bring arms out wide into angel wings, leave hands on the hips, or in prayer position close into the body.
- Hinge forward to bring the hands to the floor (Or block) by the little toes. 
- Relax the head in line with the spine.

 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Come to standing by lifting the head and heart first before beginning to rise up, then hinging at the hips upward with arms either on hips, close to the body or out wide like angel wings.

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