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Analytics: Baby Cobra Pose

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Sanskrit, Ardha Bhujangasana



 Modifications #

- Opens heart & chest
- Strengthens back, arms, shoulders, abs.
- Can relieve back pain
- Stimulates glands
- Improves flexibility


- Back injuries
- Late pregnancy

- Rise up only slightly
- Place forearms on the floor





 Steps; Laying on belly, legs outstretched

- palms of hands, pelvis, quadriceps and tops of feet

- Heels aligned with hips
- Shoulders up and down towards back body (Space between ears and shoulders)
- Neck in alignment with spine, chin tucked slightly to create length in the back of the neck.


- Press tops of feet, thighs and pelvis into the floor
- Pelvis & pubic bone pressing into floor (Creates space in the lumbar spine)
- Chest and heart open
- Elbows coming towards one another


- Place the palms on mat by chest & rib cage to stabilize
- Spread fingers wide, spider grip
- Press tops of feet, thighs and pelvis into the floor
- Loop shoulders up and then down towards back body slightly lifting chest off the earth with back muscles, head stays in alignment with spine and will also lift slightly.
- Rise up more using back muscles.
- Bring elbows & shoulder blades in towards one another, hugging into the side body.
- Tuck chin in slightly to keep neck in alignment 


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Lower the chest slowly back down to the mat.

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Counter Pose

Child's Pose

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