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Sanskrit, Viparita Trikonasana



 Modifications #

- Present moment heart open
- Concentration & balance
- Twist brings energy and nutrients to organs and revitalizes the spine.
- Stretch's hamstrings


- High or low BP

- Block use
- Wall
- Rather than having head in alignment with spine, you can gaze up at raised fingers.





 Steps; From Mountain

- Wide stance, front foot 90 degrees, back foot 45 degrees

- Body in the same plane
- Legs straight with soft knees


- Twist
- Energy flowing from the heart to the extended fingertips.

- Bring legs to a wide stance, left foot to 90 degrees and right (Back) foot 45 degrees.
- Bring both arms out to the sides parallel to the floor.
- Hinge torso to the left, reaching left hand to the left, moving the body over the left front leg, keeping spine straight.
- Bring the left hand down to the earth by the inside of the left foot (Or Block)
- Switch hands so the right hand is by left foot
- Twist torso facing behind you as you raise the left hand up to the sky, stacking both shoulders. 
- Repeat on the other side.


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

- Bring upper hand down to inside of front foot to meet your other hand. Walk the hands to the center between the legs. Walk the legs together in a forward fold. Bring hands to the hips and hinge at the hips up to standing position.

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