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Analytics: Warrior I

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Sanskrit, Virabhadrasana I



   & Variations 

- Strengthens arms, back, legs, and ankles.
- Opens hips and chest.
- Improves focus, balance & stability.


- Leg and back injuries.


- Narrow stance; bring feet closer together.
- Arms can be straight up, arched bending head slightly back, fingers clasped or holding elbows behind back.
- Lower knees to floor





Steps; From Mountain

- Both feet on the earth, front foot 90 degrees facing front, back foot 45 degrees. 

- Back thigh engaged
- Line of energy from the solar plexus up core of body and out extended fingertips.
- Heart lifted and open

- Take a big step back with right foot placing foot at 45 degrees.
- Engage abdomen, slightly tuck of tail 
- Bend left front knee directly over left ankle
- Square the hips, possibly moving right hip (Back leg) a bit forward.
- Reach both arms up reaching toward sky
- Engage the right (back) thigh.
- Lift heart
- Switch sides


 Engage Bandhas & Breath

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- Heels of feet aligned or have line from front heel through the arch of back foot.
- Hips squared
- Front knee directly over front ankle.

 Coming Out of the Pose

Release hands down, straighten front leg, walk legs together to standing position.

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