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Sanskrit, Ananda Balasana



   & Variations 

* Opens hips
* Stretch's inner thighs,               groin and spine
*Relaxation & Playfulness
* Ease tension in low back


* 2nd or 3rd Trimester of             pregnancy
* Spinal disk issues
* Low back disorders avoid         rounding back, keep spine       erect.


# Use peace fingers to hold onto big toe when legs raise.
# Use blanket under head
# Place a strap under the soles of feet. Grip the ends of the strap with hands and gently pull down knees to arm pits, never pulling hard into ribs.




From, supine position, laying on back

Head, shoulders, back 

Pelvis neutral
Back on mat, avoid lifting low back off mat
Head relaxed on mat, avoid arching neck off mat
Spread collar bone wide across chest


Engage abs, sits bones toward feet
Widen knees before raising legs, gentle pull downward
Chest open, shoulder blades spread
Playful and spontaneous

* Bend both knees, with feet flat on mat, hip width apart
* Pull the navel into spine and draw knees into the chest
* Feel low back and sacrum connected to the earth
* Open the knees wider, feet may naturally widen
* Place hands on back of thighs and lift feet up to sky
* Reach hands to outside edges of feet (Or inside arches)
* Begin to gently pull legs down toward arm pits
* Allow a natural and gentle side to side rocking motions.
* Release pull and begin moving legs playfully listening to what feels good. Extending and bending, kicking gently moving like a baby learning their body. Keep head, shoulders, back pressing into the earth.


 Engage Bandhas & Breath

 Coming Out of the Pose

* Bring knees back together and bring feet back to the floor.

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