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Analytics: Extended Triangle

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Sanskrit,  Utthita Trikonasana



 Modifications #

- Strengthens legs
- Stretches groin & hamstrings
- Opens chest & shoulders
- Improves balance & stability


- Low or blood pressure
- Injuries back, neck, hips and shoulders
- Migrane

- Use a yoga block for lower hand.
- Bring hand higher up your leg





 Steps; From Mountain

- Both feet pressing into mat, front foot 90 degrees, back foot 45 degrees. Heels aligned or front heel through back arch.

- Body in one plane (Imagine your body between two walls, or stand against a wall with body up against)
- Legs straight with soft knees (Micro bend)


- Energy flows from the heart up and through the extended arms. 

- Step feet apart making a wide stance
- Engage right thigh, draw femur into socket
- Lower right hand down to shin or floor, inside right foot.
- Stack left shoulder over right shoulder
- Open chest and reach left hand to the sky
- Gaze to left fingertips (Keep shoulder in socket)
-Repeat on other side


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Engage abdomen and raise body upright and relax arms down and bring legs to hip width apart.

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