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Analytics: Pyramid Pose

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Sanskrit, Parsvottanasana



 Modifications #

- Strech's the hamstrings

- High blood pressure
- Heart issues
- Back injuries
- Hernia

- Use a block
- Bringing arms behind back. 





 Steps; Wide legs, Right foot front

- Wide stance, front foot 90 degrees, back 45 degree
- Hands may come down to floor or block or shins.

- Press into back heel
- Press into front big toe
- Focus inward to Self 

- Square hips facing right front leg
- Inhale, lengthen spine
- Exhale, hinge forward over right thigh, nose to knee if possible.
- Bring both hands to the earth or block #
- level sacrum and low back
- Press into back heel, elongate spine.
- Press into right big toe
- Repeat on other side


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Bring hands to hips and hinge up to standing, walk legs together. 

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- Square hips
- Legs straight, knees soft with micro-bend
- Level sacrum and low back

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