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Sanskrit, Utthita Parsvakonasana



 Modifications #

- Stretch's side body
- Open's inner thighs
- Strenthens legs


- Hip & neck injuries

-Bring back knee to floor
-Bring arm that is resting on front thigh to the floor, block or just above the floor by the shin.
- Narrow stance





 Steps; From Warrior II

- Both feet wide stance front foot 90 degrees, back foot 45 degrees

- Hips and legs stable
- Front foot over front ankle
- Naval in toward spine
- Slight upward rotation of chest


- Arm that rests on front thigh has very little weight on leg
- Line of energy, back foot up along side body and out extended fingertips.

- Bend upper body from the waist toward right front leg.
- Bring right forearm & elbow to gently rest on right leg.
- Palms facing up
- Bring back arm (Left) up over the head to arch reaching to the right.
- Gaze forward
- Navel into spine, slight upward rotation of chest, open heart.
- Switch sides!


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

- Releasing both arms to rest, straighten front leg and bring legs back to hip with for standing pose.

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