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Sanskrit, Matsyasana



   & Variations 

* Heart Opener
* Deep stretch for shoulders,     chest, abs, throat & hip             flexors
* Strengthens back & neck         muscles          
* Improves breathing
* Relieves spinal tension
* Improves posture
* Increases mobility of spine


* Neck or back injury
* High or low blood pressure
* Migrane

# If feel strain in neck lower neck or put a pillow under neck.
# Blanket under shoulders or hips
# Bring arms up in front of chest palms touching.
# Knees up, Crossed legs or from hero pose





From, supine position, laying on back

Head, forearms, palms, buttocks, legs

-Arms alongside body palms down resting under buttocks
-Forearms tucked in toward body
- Spine bending at upper 

-Open heart, chest lifting
-Elbow and forearms pressing into mat
-Crown of head gently resting on mat 


* Legs outstretched, spine straight, arms alongside body
* Lift pelvis up slightly and bring hands palm down under     buttocks, allow buttocks to rest on hands with forearms      tucked into your side.
*  Inhale bend elbows, press forearms down to help                 elevate your back... raising head, chest, shoulders &             upper back and upper arms off the floor.
* Gently release head onto floor with top of head (Crown)     resting on earth.
* Firm shoulder blades into back and lift chest higher
* Elongate spine and hold pose, bandhas and breathe


 Engage Bandhas & Breath

 Coming Out of the Pose

* Press into the elbows and forearms to raise the body up and release head and upper back to rest naturally on the ground.

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