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Analytics: Down Dog Pose

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Sanskrit, Adho Mukha Svanasana



 Modifications #

* Calms Nervous System
* Hamstring & Shoulder Mobility
* Shoulder Strength 
* Stretch's Calves


* Recent or chronic injury to the back, hips, arms or shoulders
*High blood pressure
* Glaucoma

* Bend Knees
* Use Wall
* Use Blocks
* Use a Chair
* Three Legged Dog (Lifting one leg to sky while in pose)





 Steps; From Lunge

* Both hands, fingers wide gripped into mat
* Both feet hip width apart, heels coming to floor

* Feet hip width apart
* Hands under shoulders, fingers wide in spider grip
* Hands pressing into mat, engaging shoulders
* Head relaxed between arms
* Slight external rotation of shoulders


* Tail to sky
* Thighs pressing back
* Heels pressing into mat

 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Hinge hips forward. Raising the head, walk one foot at a time to front of mat between the hands in forward fold. Hinging up at the hips lifting the head first with arms out to the side or in close to the front of the body to standing position.

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* Bring forward leg back, both feet parallel and hip width
* Both hands pressing into mat with fingers spread (spider grip)
* Lift the hips to the sky, up and back to form paramid shape with body.
* Tail bone up, thighs back, heels to floor
* Head relaxed between arms
* Hands pressing into floor, slight external rotation of shoulders.
* Micro bend at the knees

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