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Analytics: Mountain Pose

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Sanskrit, Tadasana



 Modifications #

* Improves posture
* Strengthening of the entire body.
* Spinal alignment
* Sciatica Relief



* Widen Stance for balance (Feet further than hip width)
* Micro bend Knees





 Steps; Standing at front of mat

* Both feet parallel and hip width apart

- Engaging loops, arch's lifted, calves engaged (Shin loop) Knees lifted, quads engaged (Thigh loop) Pelvis neutral (Pelvic loop) Belly in and up (Ab loop) Ribs lifted (Kidney loop) Shoulders down and back (Shoulder loop) Head lifting to the sky (Crown Loop)
- Chin parallel to floor

* Extended Mountain; From solar plexis up the body and out through the crown.

- Standing with feet parallel and hip width apart.
- Pressing all areas of feet into the mat, sides, front, heels.
- Engage calves.
- Engage quadriceps with a slight inward rotation.
- Slight lift of knee cap.
- Neutral pelvis, slight tuck of tail bone (Tail to floor).
- Engage abdomen in and up. 
- Lift chest and ribs.
- Shoulders back and down.
- Chin parallel to floor, crown of head lifting to sky.
- Bring arms to sides raising your angel wings, clasp hands above the head


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Bring angel wing arms down to sides. (Or arms close into the body) arms down by sides. 

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