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Analytics: Lunge Pose

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Sanskrit, Anjaneyasana



 Modifications #

- Strengthens and stretch's groin, quadriceps, iliopsoas, hamstrings and calves.


* Never force 
* Injuries or chronic problems in knees, shoulders, back & neck

- Low lunge by dropping to the knee. 
- Arm variations; above head, arching back behind head, clasping behind back, hands to floor.





 Steps; Mountain/Forward Fold

-High lunge, both feet parallel one in front and one in back. Low lunge back knee, shin and top of foot. 

- Front knee over front ankle or behind. (Never forward)
- Back thing engaged.
- Hips square facing forward


- Energy beginning at solar plexis, rising up the core of the body and out the extended fingertips (Or crown if hands are in variations)

High lunge
- Giant step right leg back.
- Bend left knee directly over the left ankle. 
- Engage core, pressing both feet into earth and raise both arms up over head. 
Low Lunge from forward fold
- Keeping hands to floor, step right leg back and drop to knees.
- Either keep hands on floor or raise arms and chest up, extending arms above head.


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Bring back leg up to meet front, lifting head and heart and hinge upward at the hips to standing position.

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