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Analytics: Supine Knee Down Twist

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Sanskrit, Supta Matsyendrasana



   & Variations 

* Detoxes & Revitalizes organs
* Brings fresh blood to organs
* Stretch's back & glute                 muscles
*  Massages back & hips    
* Helps to hydrate spinal discs
* Lengthens, relaxes and             realigns the spine
* Strength's & massages abs


* Back pain
* Degenerative discs


# Use a block under knee while in full twist
#Eagle twist with one foot crossing over the other





From, supine position, laying on back

Back of head, back, extended leg and arm

-Bent knee toward earth
-Opposite arm extended out 90 degrees
-Gaze over extended arm & fingertips

Double Knee Down Twist
* Bring both knees into chest
*  Take both knees over to left side
*  Bring left hand on right knee to help bring to floor
*  Extend right arm out 90 degrees, palm up
*  Turn head to gaze over extended arm & fingertips
* Switch sides

Single Knee Down Twist
Extend right leg out straight pressing into earth
* Hug left knee into chest
* Adjust hips & buttocks slightly to right side
* Bring left knee to the right, right hand guiding
* Extend left arm out 90 degrees palm up
* Twist head to gaze over left extended arm & fingers


 Engage Bandhas & Breath

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-Adjust hips & buttocks slightly to side you are twisting to keep spine neutral during twist

 Coming Out of the Pose

Release knee (s) to center, hug into chest, slight counter to opposite sude and bring down to floor

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