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Analytics: Balancing Bear Pose

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Sanskrit, Merudandasana



   & Variations 

* Improves focus
* Improves balance
* Improves flexibility 
* Elongates the spine
* Strengthens back muscles
* Opens hips & backs of legs
* Stimulate abdominal organs
* Improves digestions
* Strengthens core
* Activates the sacral chakra


* Knee and shoulder injury

# Raise one leg at a time
# Hold longer or shorter
# Hold the breath 
# Bend knees as much as need





From Butterfly Pose

Sits bones, tail and sacrum

Straight back, spine erect
Legs wide in V shape, as straight as possible
Hold toes with first two fingers and thumb


-Upward and outward extension of legs 
-Upper body lifting up with straight back

* Bring knees into the body 
* Grab your big toes with the first two fingers and thumb
* Lean back resting on your sacrum, with straight back
* Raise and separate both legs, forming a wide V with legs
* With straight back, inhale and raise legs
* Keep your gaze at a Dristi, a point in front of you that is       not moving.
* Hold pose and breathe

Hold Bandhas and Breath 

 Coming Out of the Pose

* Exhale as you bring soles of the feet to the ground and release the toes.

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