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    Analytics: Single leg seated forward fold

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Sanskrit, Janu Shriasasana



   & Variations 

* Stretch's low back 
* Stretch's hamstrings
* Massages abdominal organs


* Pregnancy
* Abdominal injuries/surgery
* Knee injury
* Fractured ribs


# Folding forward with arms       extended over head
# Block under folded knee
# Resting hands on upper leg
# Blanket under knees
# Bend knee back 





From seated position with legs outstreched

Buttocks, hamstrings, knees, calves, heels 

-One leg extended 
-Other leg folded, sole of foot resting on inner thigh of           extended leg
-Spine straight as you fold at the hip, once you find your      edge in folding forward, then allow the spine to round to    bring hands down to the legs, reaching the feet if possible
-When folded forward have elbows pointing to the floor


Stretch of the hamstring
Inward focus
Bent knee is pressing into the floor
When folding forward chin moving toward the toes


* Inhale elongate spine. keep erect
* Bend right knee to rest the soul of the foot on left thigh
* Inhale elongate spine (Variation to raise arms overhead)
* Exhale bend forward from your hip joint, spine straight
* Reaching the hands down to hold the toes #
* After a breath see if you can hinge deeper in the hip
* Hold pose, breath and go inward


 Relax Deeply & Breath

 Coming Out of the Pose

* On an inhale hinging up and bringing arms to your side

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