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Analytics: Warrior II

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Sanskrit, Virabhadrasana II



 Modifications #

- Opens hips and shoulders
- Stretch's inner thigh and groin
- Stretches legs, arms and abs
- Improves posture


- Neck injuries
- High blood pressure

- Adjust feet closer together
-Use blocks
-Come to knee for low warrior





 Steps; Standing position top of mat

- Both feet on earth, front 90 to front of mat, back 45 degrees

- Front foot over front ankle
- Pelvis facing long edge of mat
- Back thigh and abdomen engaged (Thigh loop)
- Tail down
- Arms extended out parallel to floor, both same height


- Solar plexus up core of body and out extended fingertips

- Come into a wide stance, facing the long side of mat
- Raise both arms up parallel to floor, shoulders down and relaxed, neck extended.
- Bend front knee over ankle 
- Keep pelvis facing forward, back thigh engaged
- Turn head to gaze over the front fingertips


 Engage Bandhas, Breath

Coming Out of the Pose

Release arms down to rest by side, turn feet to front and walk together for standing position.

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