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Analytics: Child's Pose

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Sanskrit, Balasana



   & Variations 

* Can relieve back pain
* Stretch's back, shoulders &     hips
* Slight inversion brings             energy and blood flow to           brain.
* Rest and restore


* Knee and shoulder injury

# Pregnancy spread knees            wider
# Knees together
# Rest arms out or along body
# Blanket under knees
# Bolster under stomach
# Rest head on block or fists
# Curl toes under





From table pose

Shins, tops of feet, forehead, hands and arms

Neck neutral
Knees spread and big toes touching
Arms extended/palms down or alongside body/palms up

Rest and restore
Forehead on earth at ajna chakra to activate vega nerve 

* Spread knees open to wide edge of mat
* Tops of feet on mat, big toes touching
* Bring upper body down resting belly between thighs
* Rest forehead on earth
* Bring arms either outstretched in front with palms               down, or alongside the body with palms facing up.

 Relax Deeply & Breath

 Coming Out of the Pose

Gently raise upper body coming into seated position.

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