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Analytics: Boat Pose

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Sanskrit, Paripurna Navasana



   & Variations 

* Strengthens core & Abs
* Strengthens hip flexors
* Improves balance          
* Improves focus 


* Groin or knee injury
* Sciatica
* Low back disorders


# Half boat (It is more                  important to maintain a            straight spine than straight      legs.
# Hold backs of thighs to             maintain straight spine
# Place a strap under the soles of feet. Grip the ends of the strap with hands while raising legs. Press against the strap with your flexed feet.





From, seated position 

Sits bones, sacrum, tail

Spine straight and elongated
Avoid rounding back, keep spine erect.
Legs outstretched as straight as possible
Arms outstretched and straight, hands facing in or up

Focus & Concentration


* Bend knees with feet flat on the floor
* Lift both feet with knees bent & shins parallel to floor
    allowing torso to lean back w/straight spine (Half Boat)
*  Straighten legs to 45 degrees, keeping torso upright              creating a V shape with legs and torso.
* Roll shoulders back, stretch straight arms our parallel to     floor with palms either facing or face up.
* Lift chest and elongate spine to support the balance
* Find a dristi to focus your concentration on
* Hold bandhas, breathe and hold balance


 Engage Bandhas & Breath

 Coming Out of the Pose

* Release legs on exhale and sit up on inhale

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