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Analytics: Butterfly Pose

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Sanskrit, Badhakonasana



   & Variations 

* Improves digestion
* Stretch's inner thigh, groin,     knee
* Improves fatigue            
* Relieves menstrual


* Groin or knee injury
* Sciatica
* Low back disorders avoid         rounding back, keep spine       erect.


# Bring hands under feet
# Cushion under outer thigh





From, seated position with legs outstretched

Buttocks, tops of hamstrings, ankles and feet

Spine erect and elongated
Knees together, soles of feet together in toward groin
Knees and thighs pressing down toward floor

Knees and thighs pressing down toward floor
Spine erect 

* Bring legs out wide in a V shape, spine erect
* Bend knees, bring souls of feet together toward pelvis
* Clasp both hands around feet, holding them firmly
* Inhale extending the spine, press thighs & knees to floor 
* Gently pulse legs up and down, like flapping your                 butterfly wings, begin slow and increase speed.
* Finish by slowing the pulsing motion to a stop
* Inhale and elongate spine
* Exhale bend forward, keep chin up, spine erect
* Place elbows on thighs and press thighs down to floor
* Hold stretch, breath, notice sensation in thighs
* On inhale bring the torso up


 Engage Bandhas, Relax Deeply & Breath

 Coming Out of the Pose

* On exhale release posture, bring legs outstretched in front of you

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