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Analytics: Spinal Rocs

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   & Variations 

- Releases stuck emotions in the body.
- Massages erector spinea muscles
- Brings energy to spinal column


- Neck or spinal injuries


- Roll back to upper back not all the way to the back of head





From, seated position facing short end of mat

- Back side of the body

- Open knees slightly
- Option to bring mostly straight legs back behind head

- Transition to floor
- Emotional release


- Knees bent open slightly, hands behind your knees/
- Tuck your chin slightly.
- Inhale, gently rolling the body back. 
- You can roll back to upper back and shoulder blades or if you like all the way to back of the head.
- Legs can remain bent or straighten out. Feet may or may not touch floor behind you.
- Exhale as you roll up, allowing knees to open.


 Engage Bandhas & Breath

 Coming Out of the Pose

- On your last roll either come down to supine position or roll up to seated position.

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