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Analytics: Half Shoulder Stand 

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Sanskrit, Ardha Sarvangasana



   & Variations 

  • Strengthens and opens up the neck, shoulders, abs and back muscles.

  • Can assist women during menopause.

  • Brings blood flow and energy to the brain, give veins in legs a break.

  • Stimulates the thyroid gland and strengthens the immune system.

  • Calming to the nervous system, helps to reduce stress and fatigue.

  • Neck, Back issues, injuries or slip discs.

  • Cervical issues or weak neck muscles

  • Weak legs, weak hamstring muscles or calf muscles.

  • Pregnancy and menstruation

  • Thyroid issues

# Simply lay on back and elevate legs.





From, supine position, laying on back

back of head, upper arms, shoulders. scapula/shoulder blades

-Adjust hands on back to lift body, toes over head
-Legs straight
-Rest weight on shoulders not neck
-Adjust chin to place of comfort for throat


-Imagine veins relaxing as blood flows with gravity to heart
-Breathe into the spine creating length and space
-Abdominal muscles engaged


* Bend knees to chest, arms tucked to your side
* Press hands palms down into the ground to help lift hips off floor with knees still bent at chest.
* Bring hands up to lower back near hips, elbows bent and close to body, upper arms on mat.
* Walk arms towards the rib cage, allowing the torso to rise & become even more upright, resting on shoulder blades. No stress on neck.
* Allow legs to straighten and with legs straight create a line from heels to shoulders, feet directly above the head. 
* Hold pose, bandhas and breathe

 Engage Bandhas & Breath

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 Coming Out of the Pose

* On exhale, slowly bend the kness and bring into the chest, bring ares down to floor, and roll carefully down bringing spine onto floor, like a string of pearls.. one vertebra at a time, from the upper thorasic to lower lumbar. Allow tail to relax

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