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Analytics: Bridge Pose

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Sanskrit, Setu Bandhasana



   & Variations 

* Heart opener
* Improves posture
* Relieves low back pain        
* Stretches abdomen
* Strengthens back, glutes, thighs and ankles


* Neck or knee pain
* Back or shoulder injury
* Avoid turning head while in     pose


# Use a block between the knees to keep hip width apart
# Half bridge to warm up back
# Supported bridge with block under sacrum
# roll shoulder blades together and clasp hands underneath body





From, supine position, laying on back

Souls of feet, arms, shoulders. scapula and back of head

- Knees and feet hip width apart 
-Back bend  
-Chest lifted upward

- Knees squeezing together
- Heart opened, chest lifting up to sky
-Hips raising for back bend

-Pressing both feet into mat

* Bend both knees, feet flat on mat, hip width apart
* Slide arms alongside body, hands face down
*  If possible, have fingertips lightly touch heels
* Press the feet into the floor, lift hips up, spine off floor
* Squeeze knees together to maintain hip width distance
* Lift Chest by pressing into arms, roll up onto your shoulders, bring arms underneath body and clasp hands together, pressing arms into earth.
* Lift hips by engaging legs, buttocks and mula bandha
* Hold pose, bandhas and breathe


 Engage Bandhas & Breath

 Coming Out of the Pose

* On exhale, slowly release back bend, rolling spine onto floor, like a string of pearls.. one vertebra at a time, from the upper thorasic to lower lumbar. Allow tail to relax.
Counter pose... Both kness into the chest, rocking back and forth to release and relax the lower back.

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