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Sanskrit, Utkata Konasana



   & Variations 

- Boosts energy
- Improves posture
- Strengthens legs
- Opens heart


- Dizziness
- Migranes
- Very low blood pressure


- High squat
- Bring feet closer together
- Hands in toward self
- Come up onto toes
- Pulse in and out of squat





Steps; Wide Stance

- Wide stance, feet pointing outward to sides of mat

- Line of energy from the heart and out the palms of the hands.

- Standing in wide stance, neutral pelvis, bring both feet to point out, heels in.
- Bend the knees so they are bending over the feet, bringing the hips down to a level of squat that feels on that edge.
- Bring both arms up bending at the elbows into goddess arms. 
- hands open and facing out.


 Engage Bandhas & Breath

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- Neutral pelvis
- Hips facing forward

 Coming Out of the Pose

Release the arms to rest alongside the body, straighten the legs, adjust feet to face forward in a relaxed standing pose.

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