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Sanskrit, Savasana



   & Variations 

- Rest, restore, relaxation
- Calms nervous system


Inability to lay on the back


- Eye pillow
- Blanket for warmth
- Bolster or blanket under knees.





From, supine position flat on back.

-Entire back body

- Supine position legs outstretched, feet relaxed out, arms relaxed by your side, palms up.

Relaxation, integrating the energies of the asana practice

- Body relaxed with feet resting outward
- Turn off lights, music and draw blinds.
- Arms resting alongside body in a comfortable position, preferably palms up.
- Sinking body into the earth as you let go all holding of tension in the body.
- Breathing into the lower abdomen, relaxing deeper with each breath.
- Allowing all systems to relax, all the muscles, the skeletal system and all the bones, heart and cardiovascular, lungs and respiratory, digestive organs, endocrine and the organ of the skin. 
- Feeling the body relax deeper and deeper... the front body, the back body, the right side, the left side, the upper body, the lower body, the entire body 360 degrees.
- Give time for silence... 5-10 minutes


 Relax Deeply in Silence

 Coming Out of the Pose

- Gently guide students to come back slowly. Invite them to wiggle their fingers and toes. Invite them to stretch their bodies slowly coming back. Then invite them to roll over to one side and integrate the new position, aware of sensations. Finally invite students to return to a seated position for close of practice.

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