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Ecstatic Yoga Immersions

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EY Soul Purpose & Soul Wisdom Download 

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EY Soul Purpose & Soul Wisdom Download


Gently resting into your belly breathing, deep full relaxing breaths. 

Feeling the earth below supporting your physical body, you are safe.

There is nowhere to go, nothing to do, but be here now.

Bring your attention inward to your sacred heart.

With every inhale and exhale say “I love you” to your precious heart.

As you continue to bring love in towards your own heart, your own being, recognize that this heart is your true eternal self.

The more and deeper you connect with this precious sacred heart, the more you realize this is the beloved you have always been looking for.

Inhaling love into your heart, into the Self, into your own being.

Exhale love into your heart

Your inner heart, innermost  Presence has always been with you, in every instant of this lifetime....   In every lifetime, foor all time. 

Sending the heart love.

Feeling the inner energy within your body.

No matter the body you animated through, no matter the costume you wore or the sensory equipment you temporarily occupied... the heart and soul have always been the life force, the awareness, the consciousness behind the masks.

Find that alignment with the highest version of you that you can experience now

With every breath directing more love inward.

The inner energy is amplifying, pulsating.

Recognize that the physical temporary body is lifeless without the soul presence, the body is not your identity, the Divine Presence, the eternal Soul is your identity.

Immersing in your own self love, deep love and appreciation for the eternal Self

Waves of energy vibrates through you, inside you, as you.

The body will perish quickly without the divine soul power that animates it. Rooting your Identity in the Soul power, the Sacred Self.

Basking in the nectar of your own divine presence, your own sacred being, the innermost sacred sanctuary.

Basking in the aliveness within.

Your soul power, your existence is sustained by an all-loving Source, Creator.

As an extension of pure love, you too are pure love, made in the Creator’s likeness.

Like a ray of sunshine extending forth from the sun.

Diving all your awareness and love within to the Eternal Self, the Presence, Your Infinite Soul Power.

This intelligence within you, this conscious awareness has always been there, knows how hard you try, knows your challenges, knows and loves and adores you just the way you are.

You are a living, breathing embodiment of the Divine, feel the waves of energy pulsate within you, feel that deep respect for this deeply wise and beautiful Self.

Feel a deeper and deeper love for this eternal friend, this constant companion, this Presence that will never fail you… you are never alone. Feel love and compassion for this Eternal Self,

give this presence your present moment attention and love.

Feel compassion as this pure, powerful extension of the all loving Divine source was embodied, conditioned and trained.


Allow all the wounds and hurts go, the adults were doing there best with all the conditioning and wounding they experienced.


Let go all the rules and conditioning you were taught, see all the clouds disappear as the brilliant sun that is your soul radiates and dissolves them all naturally and peacefully. Allow your consciousness to be free and clear.


Be that empty, open space of pure consciousness you truly and eternally are.

Receive and feel the purpose your soul chose before it embodied.


Look closely as your soul embodied your tiny infant body, for a purpose… receive your souls purpose for this lifetime, for this time in your life.


What have you come to do here in the physical world? Extend love? Share wisdom? Help others? Create beauty? Heal minds? Share music? Maybe there is a more specific purpose that is arising from within you. Maybe more clarity of a purpose you are already sharing.

What lights you up? What brings you joy?


What invokes passion? What are your innate gifts. What did you love to do as a child? Only your innermost heart knows, this wisdom comes from you, within you, for you.


As a Divine Presence, a sacred being, a pure extension of Source, Creator what is your purpose in this blink of an eye lifetime, how can you serve your own Soul and the God of your understanding.

Take this time now to rest in this question… allowing not forcing an insight, a clarity, a message, a feeling... open to the vastness of your own Divine Presence.

Immersing in your own self love and appreciation allow clarity and inspiration to fill your conscious awareness.


Only you can be aware of your awareness, feel your life force energy within. Bask in your own eternal Presence.

You are fully open to the wisdom within you, that is you… allowing the intelligence and wisdom of your eternal Self to download information needed for your Divine Highest Path and Purpose in this incarnation.

Allowing pure light filled orbs of energy and information to be given to you freely from your own all loving Soul Power and Eternal Self.

Allowing and inviting your soul power to immerse your being from the inside, receiving energetic downloads that will assist you in your life, your future, your awakening, your joy and purpose for this life.

Receive, allow your heart to open even more, expand the love for your own Self

Feel the soul power within you, magnifying and downloading wisdom and information needed for your important purpose for being on this planet at this time.


Receive and be grateful.

Allow all the energies within you, the increased soul presence to fully integrate and root and embody the wisdom, beauty and grace. You deserve all your heart desires, all the love you can receive.

We will conclude with a final song and then a few minutes of silence before we conclude.

Gently and kindly coming back… wiggling your fingers and toes, stretching out your body, rolling to one side and when you are ready coming to a seated position for our final Namaste prayer.

I honor the place within you that is love, light, truth and peace. When you are in that place within you, and I am in that place within me, we are one, Namaste.