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Body Temple
EY Temple Nadi's Lesson

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EY Temple Nadi's Lesson

EY Temple, Nadi’s Lesson


We have been learning about our physical and energetic body systems, and an important subtle body system not to be excluded is the Nadi system. We had an intro to the nadis, along with the Vayus, chakras, kosha’s and 8 Limbs in our Samadhi Immersion. This is a more in-depth Body Temple lesson on the Nadi’s to help assist a deeper exploration of the nadi subtle energy body.


The nadi subtle body system is one of the many energetic systems that are a part of what we call our pranamaya kosha. As we have said many times, the pranamaya kosha, the energy body is primary to the physical body… the physical body temple cannot exist without the subtle body, yet the pranamaya kosha and the entire subtle body can exist in complete health and wholeness without the physical body. Some say the pranaymaya kosha is our etheric self, some even think of it as our soul, yoga thinks of it as the invisible subtle energy body and without it the physical body cannot exist.


Health begins in our energy body, the healthier the subtle body the healthier the physical body. The physical bodies vitality is deeply connected to the vitality of the energy body or pranamaya kosha.


The Nadi System is a primal energy system within the pranamaya kosha, and this class is a in depth discussion on the nadi system.


The word Nadi is a Sanskrit word from ancient India that originates from the root word “Nada” meaning “to flow”, “river” or “flowing river.


Nadis are an extensive network of energy channels that facilitate the flow of prana or vital life force energy in and through our entire body… every internal organ, every system, and every cell within the body.




Although invisible to the naked eye, they can be analogized to the veins and arteries of our circulatory system because the channels are tubular like veins, yet they are subtle body channels. Rather than carrying blood through the body, the nadi’s carry vital life force energy or prana through the body. Some analogize the nadi system to the nerves in that they are both carrying energetic information, however the nerves are solid physical things a part of the physical body nervous system and nadi’s are wholly energetic and an invisible subtle body system.

Although the nadis are invisible to our physical eyes, they have been seen in visualizations and downloads to many yoga masters during samadhi and deep meditations. Nadis only can be perceived as energy and consciousness in motion during the deep and higher state of meditation.

These subtle nadi channels carry energetic, mental and spiritual energies through extensive pranic networks and matrix’s that exist throughout the entire body. This matrix of channels and flows of energies moves in all directions throughout every corner of the body.

There is no agreed upon amount of nadi channels that exist throughout the body, different yogic texts state varying numbers. Goraksha Samhita states the most with 350,000 nadi channels, Prapanchasara Tantra reports 300,000 and Goraksha Samhita and Hatha Yoga Pradipika say 72,000.

Regardless if we have 350 nadis or 72 Nadis, I believe in time we will discover more accurate numbers. The energy body is showing up in the physical world more so than ever. And to focus some attention on the Subtle Body including the nadi’s is a very powerful wellness practice.

There are four Main Nadi’s

-Nadi Kanda

-Nadi Ida

-Nadi Pingala

-Nadi Sushumna

Nadi Kanda; bird egg’ shaped root situated in the center of the pelivis, suspended below the navel or bee boo and above the pubis bone.


Nadi Ida; Feminine flow of energy moving in a spiral or often referred to as a double helix DNA spiral up the spine. Originating from the mulabhara or root chakra, spiraling together with the Pingali around and up and through the Sushumna to the Ajna chakra (3rd eye ) and finally to the left nostril.

Nadi Pingali; Masculine flow of energy moving in a spiral or often referred to as a double helix DNA spiral up the spine. Originating from the Mulabhara or root chakra, spiraling together with the Ida around, up and through the Sushumna to the ajna chakra (3rd eye) and finally to the right nostril.

Nadi Sushumna; The Great River, fountain of joy, the central channel that moves up the spine in the center of the spinal cord from the mulabhara up and out the crown in infinite heights and circles back around the body in a Taurus of Life Force Energy.

One of the aims of yoga practice both meditation, pranayama and asana is to open up, vitalize and purify the nadi channels throughout the body, and ultimately intensify the Sushumna Channel for higher states of consciousness and more alignment with your moment to moment Truth. Thy Own Self Be True.

A vital Sushmna offers more than just expanded awareness, it also is a huge factor in physical health. If you can vitalize your Sushma, the Great River of centralized life force energy within you… you will reflect with physical vitality and wellness. We cannot ignore the Sushmna in living a vital, healthy, youthful, active, joyous and free life… a vital Sushumna equals a vital body and life.

Another benefit of regular practices in vitalizing the Sushmna is awakening kundalini.  A kundalini awakening is very specific, like a flower blooming. It cannot be forced, however, you can do certain nadi practices which provide the elements it needs to support it’s awakening, blooming, arising to Self Love and knowing that it’s very existence, conscious awareness is one with the Source of all Love, everything good, all light. There is only light, scientists say darkness has no source, it is only the absence of light… or good, or God, or Self, or Love.

Kundalinini Activation through the Nadi’s.

Kundalini Shakti awakens with concentrated attention into the muladhara chakra and Kanda Nadi. With attentive awareness you will begin to be more sensitive to and aware of this subtle body within you and around you. You will begin by feeling more physical sensations and subtle sensations in the Kanda and up the Sushumna. The idea with Nadi meditations is to bring your intense awareness to these primal energy centers of our subtle body to bring those natural conditions, just like helping the flower to bloom by providing it sunlight, water and nutrients you can help your limited awareness of the self to Self Realize that they are everything, One Mind, shared with Brahman, Universal Mind and all Minds as One Mind. This is a powerful awakening to the True Self within the limited self by providing concentrated attention to those areas of the vital energy field of the Nadi’s. The flow of kundalini shakti once the dormant spiritual energy has been awakened at the root can only flow up the Sushumna once the nadi’s are purified.

The Sushumna Nadi has been called the Brahma Nadi in some yogic texts because of it’s ability to carry the awakened kundalini shakti from the root up the spine and out the crown to merge in oneness with Brahman, ultimate Divine Source, God of our understanding, Pure Intelligent Life Force Energy.

By activating the nadi’s we are building more and more vital energy fields and healthier bodies and minds. We also activate spiritual awakening, dormant kundalini shakti and strengthen our connection to Brahman or the Divine of our understanding.

3 Major Nadi’s






Tividha Nadi;

Within the nadi system the three major nadi’s, Sushumna, Ida and Pingala create a pranic energy flow together called the Tividha Nadi. These three major nadis all begin at the root or Muladhara chakra and move through the Kanda Nadi up the center of the spine cord through each of the seven main chakras with the Sushumna expanding out the crown and the Ida and Pingala ending at the nostrils.