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Steps to practice

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Possible Benefits

- Creates internal heat
- Lengthens the breath
- Focus's the mind
- Energize & relax
- Brings stability to the physical body.


- High blood pressure
- Heart disease
- History of stroke should avoid retention.

Victorious Breath, Ocean Breath

Ujjayi comes from the root 'Ujji' meaning victory. Ujjayi helps to quiet the fluctuations of the mind. 

Glottis contraction description;
We create an ocean like sound (Or Darth Vader like) by contracting the back of the throat. You can practice contracting this muscle by first opening your mouth and pretending to fog a mirror. Then close the mouth and again using the same muscles in the throat to pretend fog the mirror.

Position: Seated, cushion, chair, block.

- Inhale, contracting the glottis creating ocean sound, bringing the breath and prana into the belly, ribs, chest and throat evenly like a wave.
- Pause the breath gently and naturally at the top of the inhalation.
- Exhale slowly with the glottis released, created a long smooth exhale twice as long as the inhale.
- Pause the breath at the bottom of the exhale without strain.
- Repeat for several breaths
- Focus on the sensation & sound of the air as it passes through the throat.





Ujjayi Pranayama

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