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Steps to practice

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Possible Benefits

- Calms the nervous system
- Reduces mental stress
- Balances mind & body
- Balances, equalizes, harmonizes prana flow through the nadi system.
- Focus & concentration


- Pregnancy (No breath retention.)
- High blood pressure
- Lung, heart, eye or ear issues

Box Breath, Equal Breathing

Position: Seated, cushion, chair, block.

- Inhale to the count of 4 (puraka)
- Retain the breath at the bottom of the exhale for a count of 4 (antara-khumbaka)
- Exhale to the count of 4 (rechaka)
- Retain the breath for a count of 4 
-After about 4 rounds you can increase the count to 6, if it is comfortable for you and does not create any strain.


- Equalizing just the inhale and exhale and eliminate the breath retention. 



Equalize the four components of the breath:

-Inhalation (puraka)
-Internal retention (antara-khumbaka)
-Exhalation (rechaka)
-External retention (bahya-khumbaka)

Samarvritti Pranayama

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