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Sitali Pranayama

Steps to practice

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Possible Benefits

- Relaxation emotional & physical
- Reduces blood pressure
- Calms nervous system
- Helps sleep prevents insomnia
- Can lower fever
- Relieves thirst


- Colds
- Flu
- Respiratory Conditions

Cooling Breath

Sitting: chair, cushion, block

- Stretch the tongue out and curl the sides upward to form a tube shape.
- Inhale, drawing the breath over the tongue and feel the sensations of the stream of cool air passing smoothly down the throat and into the lungs.
- Close the mouth and hold the breath without any strain or force.
- Exhale, release the breath slowly out the nostrils sensing the movements of the warm air along the nasal passageways.
- Hold the breath out gently before beginning the next round.
- Five to eight rounds are optimal.






If you cannot curl tongue use Sitkari

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