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Vitalizing Pranayama Practice


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Contraindications of Vitalizing Pranayama

- Those with pacemakers or stents.
- Epilepsy
- Hernia
- Slip discs
- Recovering from abdominal surgery.
- Pregnancy
-High blood pressure

- Heart disease
- History of stroke should avoid retention.

- Recent stomach, heart or brain surgery
-Severe backache


Benefits of Vitalizing Pranayama

- Increases vital capacity, energy, vitalizing

- Exercises the abdominals & diaphragm.
- Massages & stimulates internal organs.
- Clears air passages
- Clears, calms & uplifts the mind
- Improves digestion, removes toxins
- Improves blood circulation
- Energizes nervous system & brain.
- Clears the nadi's (Energy body)

- Expands & lengthens the breath
- Regulates blood pressure
- Relieves negative thinking
- Improves focus & concentration
- Balances the dosha's, vata, pitta, kapha
- Increases oxygen in the body
- Brings heat to the body
- Improves cardiovascular health
- Improves physical performance
- Aids in weight loss by increasing metabolism
- Activates kundalini
- Increases peace of mind


Ecstatic Yoga Lessons

EY Pranayama Vitalizing

Belly Breath, Breath Awareness

Bringing the breath into the lower abdomen. On the inhale feel the lower abdomen expand as it fills with oxygen, on the exhale bring the abdomen in toward the spine. Triggers the parasympathetic nervous system and relaxation response, releasing health building hormones like serotonin.

3 Part Yogic Breath

Inhaling in a flowing wave like motion into the lower belly, moving the breath to fill the ribs & finally the chest and clavicles. Pausing a moment at the top of the breath.

Exhaling like a wave emptying the chest, ribs and belly or simply exhaling completely releasing all the breath; pausing again at the bottom of the breath.

Surya Bhedana, Piercing the Sun, Activating Pingala Nadi (Right side)

- Use vishnu mudra in right hand, close off left nostril with your ring (Index) finger.
-Inhale, breathing gently and deeply through the right nostril.
- Use the thumb to close right (both nostrils), hold breath for comfortable pause.
- Release the finger, exhale out the left nostril (Keeping the right nostril closed)
- Suspend the breath naturally at the bottom of the exhale.
-Repeat for a 5-10 breath's.


Ujjayi Breath, Victorious Breath or Ocean Breath

Glottis is in the middle of the larnx, (Back of throat) where the tonsils are located.

- Inhale long & deep thru glottis & nose, mouth is sealed. As you contract the glottis create an ocean sound, bringing the breath and prana into the belly, ribs, chest and throat evenly like a wave.
- Pause the breath gently and naturally at the top of the inhalation.
- Exhale slowly with the glottis slightly released, created a long smooth exhale twice as long as the inhale.
- Pause the breath at the bottom of the exhale without strain.
- Repeat for several breaths
- Focus on the sensation & sound of the air as it passes through the nose & throat.


Bhastika, Bellows Breath

-Inhale & exhale, evenly, rapidly & rhythmically, pulling navel to the spine on exhale.
- Take a final deep exhale; Option to fold forward on final exhale.
- Engage the bandhas & pause the breath, while feeling the energy build in your body
- Inhale completely,
- Take 3-5 integrating breaths allowing the breath to normalize.
- 27, 54, 108 breath cycles. Repeat for 3 rounds.


Kapalabhati, Skull Shining Breath

- Inhale deeply through both nostrils and fill the chest.
- Expel breath with rapid exhales thru nose, as you draw the naval in toward the spine. 
- Allow the inhale to be drawn in naturally, don't focus on the inhale, the moment you relax the abdominal muscles the inhale occurs naturally without effort. 
- Again, Expel the breath with a rapid exhale and continue a steady rhythm.
- Suggested is 27, 54, 108 breaths per round
- Three rounds are recommended


Breath of Fire

-Inhale and exhale deeply and rhythmically, creating a strong pull into the navel on the exhale.
- Take a final deep inhale from the belly to the ribs and chest, opening the chest, (You can use the hands to press down on the knees while lifting the chest)
- Engage the bandhas and the breath, while feeling the energy build in your body
- Exhale completely, option to fold forward on the exhale.
- Take 5 integrating breaths allowing the breath to normalize.
- Repeat for 3 rounds.

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